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The House of Commons Public Accounts Committee report questions whether the Department for Health & Social Care, NHE England and Public Health England can face up to the challenges in making sure that the vaccine gets to the right people at the right time.

Olivia Blake MP, one of the Committee members, discusses specific viewer concerns over the practicalities of this vaccine operation, getting the 'arms to the jabs' rather than concentrating on 'jabs in arms' without a thought for travel arrangements ...




Unpaid carers tell us that they welcome successful vaccine rollout. But they still don’t feel truly recognised because the Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) added unpaid carers as a footnote to priority band 6. The result of not updating the main text to say "...and unpaid carers" has led to them being forgotten at times across the home nations when the list is republished in local areas.


Carers World Live asked Secretary of State Matt Hancock for an assurance that unpaid carers will always be at the heart of his policy decisions and, to Professor Stephen Powis from NHS England, was it not common sense to vaccinate the unpaid carer alongside the person for whom they care.


Here are their replies from the Downing Street briefing.... 




The UK Government message focuses on the numbers of jabs in arms as ministers often put it. But what about getting your arm to the jab? Looking behind the headlines of impressively high vaccination rates, practical problems can delay jabs or even deny the most vulnerable the opportunity because of unaffordably high transport costs or, if they can find some way to pay, the monumental physical effort involved. Carers World Live investigates the Swansea experience...



After being left out of vaccination priorities for months, on 30 December 2020, the JCVI published its updated advice to include unpaid carers for the first time. Unfortunately the reference came in a footnote to band 6 of the priority list. By not amending the main wording of band 6, the JCVI risked unpaid carers being ignored in any home nation that republished this list. 


Leading the way, the Scottish Government amended the band 6 wording to include at the end "...and unpaid carers." Unpaid carers were left in no doubt in Scotland that they were included.


But, the Welsh Government did not amend the main wording of band 6, omitted footnote 3 and unpaid carers were completely left out of vaccination letters across Wales.


Until Carers World Live put their investigation findings to Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford ....