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Anyone of us can be or become an unpaid carer at any time
looking after friend or family, full or part time, working or not, no matter what age or life story.
You are not alone with officially at least 6.5 million unpaid carers across the UK. 
Carers World Live is here to provide relaxing entertainment and fiery debate on issues that matter to you.

Carers World LIVE 'TV'
current schedule:

Carers Questions,
Art House,
The Big Quiz,
The Green Life,
The Thin Chalk Line
Carers World Radio on air 24 hours a day!
Music for everyone 24 hours hours a day from classical to classic hits. But its not just music it is about information for carers across the UK. Plus we want you to be part of it, by requesting the songs that matter to you and letting us know the issues you face.

Carers World Radio The Home of  'BIG QUIZ'

Take us with you via our mobile app
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Join Tom Magner for Carers Questions. report developing stories, put searching questions that no one else thinks to ask, encourage decision makers to speak from the heart, air fresh views on the day's issues, bring you the information that you need and help the wider media understand the key issues.


A  story to tell ? An issue to investigate?

Contact our team:

Twitter: @carersworldlive (DM for private)

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